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Archies Limited is India&rsquos market leader in the social expression industry with over 60% market share in the organized sector. Having pioneered the concept of branded retailing in India over the last three decades Archies has grown with the spread of modern culture, increasing urbanization and improving standard of living. With the retail boom happening in the country, Archies is consciously targeting malls and other prime retail space for opening its own stores.

Arrival of Archies has brought a revolution in the Indian gifting sector which shifted from old monotonous gift to new unique, colorful Trendy gift items. These Gifting Ideas have added a whole new dimension to Social Occasions. For every one of these, Archies has developed a range of products designed to best of Archies to bring focus on express the sentiment.

Archies Limited currently operates 230+ exclusive outlets in 15 states 66 cities and nearly 300 franchise outlets across India and neighboring countries.

Archies has noticed a remarkable feat of having maintained market leadership from past years. Archies now has grown from a cards-only company to a complete social expressions company. It has enormous products which have established exemplary mastery over its large network of distributors, retailers and franchisees.

This company is a classic example of how supply can sometimes create its own demand. If increasing numbers of Indians are celebrating special occasions like Mother&rsquos Day and Father&rsquos Day, in great measure it is because of the ability 4th Sunday in September as Daughter&rsquos Day. With more people using the occasion to openly express their affection towards their girl child, this enterprise, backed by an effective communications campaign, is helping change the otherwise narrow and orthodox view, much of Indian society has held about girls.

The key to Archies success is the importance that the company gives to relations and sentiments this can be clearly seen with its strap line &lsquoThe Most Special Way to Say You Care&rsquo aptly echoes its position in the market. Today, Archies offers a product portfolio containing all-occasion greeting cards, gift items such as photo albums, photo frames, soft toys, mugs, quotation plaques, key chains and a wide range of stationery.

With unmatchable quality and unique variety, Archies provides its customers a choice ranging from a three inch mini-greeting card to a five-and-a-half foot teddy bear. With an increased focus of gifting, Archies has exclusive tie-ups with many global majors, like Gund of USA, Keel Toys, Carte Blanche, Paper Island, History & Heraldry of UK. The company now also provides with Helpage, CRY and UNICEF products.

A unique programme in the Archies product portfolio is &lsquoGift of the Month.&rsquo In this marketing initiative a product is chosen and sold at Rs. 99 (US$ 2.06) &ndash well below its normal printed price - for an entire month. The idea was to create excitement within the store and thus attract customers to the outlet.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Archies has contributed significantly towards its corporate social responsibility (CSR). At the CSR level, Archies has long standing arrangements with Help Age (India&rsquos premier NGO for Old People), CRY (India&rsquos premier NGO for underprivileged children) and has recently tied-up with UNICEF (World&rsquos leading organization protecting children's rights), where Archies designs, manufactures and markets Greeting Cards and other Social Expression Stationery with royalties going to them.