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Balloons Design

Shop No.

10 AM to 10 PM

Store Location
First Floor

Store Description

Balloons was started by two close friends Rashmi Paliwal and Sterre Sharma. The first store was opened on 1985 in Arcana Arcade in Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi.

Rashmi, a fabric painting technologist and designer met her friend Sterre, a visual artist, designer and merchandiser, while working together. They dreamt for many years about starting their own business together. The friends noticed that there was a shortage of ready-made garments for children in New Delhi and realized that there was an opportunity to start a new groundbreaking business. Up until that time most parents would go to their local tailor with some fabric to have clothing made for their children but often it did not fit well.

Their company, Balloons, was the first to bring designer clothing for children to India that was in line with international trends. The designers got inspiration for their trendy designs by scouring the world on their frequent travels. They also decided that the excellent skills of Indian craftspeople should be put to use to add special touches to their original designs.

Balloons thrived because of an unusual and imaginative approach towards design. The store offers many exciting international designs using hand or machine embroidery on pure cotton fabrics for children zero to 12.