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Crowd Management

As a mall, we always organize event that invites huge crowd. More the number of people attending it, more the event is successful. But this also invites lot of risks as crowd management is not a piece of cake. Crowd management planning should begin in advance of events that are likely to draw large crowds. In fact, crowd management, pre-event setup, and emergency situation management should start at the planning stage itself as people life and property is at stake. Any large event should adopt a plan that comprise the following elements

  • Barricades, Q managers or rope lines for crowd management should be set up well in advance.
  • Hire additional staff where large crowds are expected and have trained security or crowd management personnel or police officers on site.
  • Detailed staffing plan should be created designating a location for each worker.
  • Position security or crowd managers to the sides of entering (or exiting) public, not in the center of their path.
  • Prepare an emergency plan that addresses potential dangers facing workers, including overcrowding, crowd crushing, being struck by the crowd, violent acts and fire.
  • Use a public address system to manage the entering crowd and to communicate information or problems.
  • Do not restrict egress, and do not block or lock exit doors
  • Make sure that first-aid kits and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are available on site along with personnel trained in using AEDs and CPR onsite.
  • Consider using mechanisms such as numbered wristbands or tickets.
  • Provide a safe entrance for people with disabilities.