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Electrical Safety Tips during Monsoons

While monsoon has brought relief to the people from the extreme heat waves of summers, it has also brought many problems with it. Accident and damages due to electricity and electrical appliances is very common during rainy season. These  problem if ignored can be very dangerous to both life and property. Following few safety measures can make this monsoon a pleasant experience.

  • Unplug sensitive electronic equipment before rains and thunderstorms.
  •  Avoid cordless phones as most of them do not work without electricity. Use cell phones instead.
  • Don't attempt to repair electrical system during rain and thunderstorm.
  • Don't touch wet electrical switches at home or outside. Do not touch switches on poles for street lights.
  • During a thunderstorm, turn off the AC unit and any other appliances such as TV, stereo, home entertainment centers, and computers as lightning can overload units, leading to costly repair bills.
  • Never touch wiring during a thunderstorm. Turn off electric appliances that were on before power was lost. 
  • Stay away from accumulated water around electrical installations. Do not tie motorcycles or bicycles to electric poles.

Have a safe monsoon!