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Defensive Driving

Defensive driving doesn’t mean driving under constant pressure of not making mistakse. It’s an art of driving to save life, time and money. The aim of defensive driving is to reduce collision risk by unforeseen dangerous situations even if the situation arises due to mistakes of others. Knowing what's going on around you, predicting what might happen, and knowing how to react quickly in case another driver suddenly changes direction or road conditions catch you off-guard. You should constantly scan the road. Another core idea of defensive driving is managing the space around you. Make sure that there is a safe space cushion around your car and position your car in a lane according to the road situation. Following the below guidelines for a safe journey-

  • Respect other users of the roadway.
  • Be aware of driving in special road and weather conditions
  • Plan ahead for the unexpected.
  • Be able to control speed.
  • Be prepared to react to other drivers.
  • Do not expect the other driver to do what you think he or she should do.
  • Be alert and avoid distractions, e.g., cell phone use, eating.